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Evan's Online Piano Success

May 29, 2013

by Timothy De Prey DePrey.Timothy@MacPhail.org

piano keysI began teaching Evan in September 2012.  Evan was my first On Line student and in the beginning I wondered how I would adapt my teaching for an On Line student.  I embraced the opportunity and Evan turns out to be the perfect On Line student.  He is …

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Mistakes I frequently make when using Audacity (and some solutions)

April 9, 2013

by David Birrow Birrow.David@MacPhail.org

I love to use audio recording when teaching. It addresses a bunch of good teaching practices at once and students usually get motivated when they hear themselves performing. I tend to use Audacity if I'm doing a simple recording without any frills and us…

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Things Technology has Fixed in my Teaching Part 3

April 3, 2013

by Jeremy Hanson Hanson.Jeremy@MacPhail.org

The third in a series showing HOW exactly technology has improved the quality of teaching or music therapy, i.e. Problems and solutions. No how-to's, just what impact is seen with students and clients

I use many kinds of technology in my teaching every d…

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Exporting an Entire Class All at Once

March 18, 2013

By David Birrow Birrow.David@MacPhail.org

I accidentally figured out how to export a ton of tracks all at once and it has completely made my week. 8 groups of students at New City School were recorded playing recorder trios. I was able to export their recordings to individual mp3 files all at once!…

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Audacity: Exporting

February 27, 2013

by David Birrow  Birrow.David@MacPhail.org

Dan Hedegard and Hanno Strydom have already posted about how to burn recordings to CD's and attaching recordings to Evernote notebooks.  Here is a quick video about how to simply export a recording without any burning or attaching involved. 



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Audacity: Dealing with Multiple Tracks

January 6, 2013

by David Birrow Birrow.David@MacPhail.org

Ok, my first New Years resolution will be that this will be the last Audacity post for awhile(unless you have a special request). I wanted to make sure all these videos were available for faculty. So here goes:

There are a couple quick and easy things you…

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Audacity: How to Clean Up a Recording

January 4, 2013

by David Birrow Birrow.David@MacPhail.org

When I use Audacity in a lesson or class, it's never a super tidy process.  I often end up accidentally recording myself talking or I forget to stop the recording and end up recording twenty minutes of silence.  If I have a recoding I want to keep, it alwa…

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Audacity: Picking up Recording where you left off

January 3, 2013

by David Birrow Birrow.David@MacPhail.org

Audacity can sometimes be overwhelming to handle during a class or lesson. The last thing you want is to be fussing with the computer when you are trying to teach music.  One way to keep things simple is to record everything in one track, as opposed to seve…

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Attaching Audacity Audio to Evernote

December 20, 2012

By Hanno Strydom Strydom.Hanno@MacPhail.org

Here's a very short video demonstrating how to attach an audio file, recorded in Audacity, to a note in Evernote:

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Audacity Playback and Deleting Tricks

December 20, 2012

by David Birrow Birrow.David@MacPhail.org

Today's video quickly shows how to:

  1. Start playback in a spot that isn't the beginning
  2. Looping a section during playback
  3. Deleting a track
  4. Renaming a track

All that in 2 minutes!


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Improving Recording Quality

December 19, 2012

by David Birrow Birrow.David@MacPhail.org

Sometimes when recording in Audacity, the sound is poor for some reason.  Luckily most of the time it can be improved with one or more of the following steps:

  1. Move the microphone further away from the instrument
  2. If using a SnowBall mic, click the black…

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Audacity: Recording Cheat Sheet

December 17, 2012

by David Birrow Birrow.David@MacPhail.org

Last year we had a terrific faculty workshop about technology.  Attached below is a handout that walks you through how to create a basic recording using Audacity step by step. Let me know if there are any questions.

Handout - Click here


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How to Burn a CD of your Recording

December 13, 2012
by Dan Hedegard Hedegard.Daniel@MacPhail.org
As Site Coordinator of MacPhail Apple Valley, I’ve been doing a lot of support for teachers who’d like to use technology in their lessons. I’ve taken the Computer Music sequence at the U, and I use Audacity and other music software all the time in…

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Overdubbing and Click Tracks with Audacity

December 12, 2012
by David Birrow  Birrow.David@MacPhail.org


What I liked about Jon's post yesterday was how it focused on the music rather than the technology. So based on that logic, I'm going to dislike my own post today, which is how to use Audacity to overdub. What is overdubbing? Simply put, it's when y…

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Recording Audio on your Computer

December 10, 2012
by David Birrow Birrow.David@MacPhail.org

Well, it officially looks like winter now, so you might as well hunker down and try your hand at recording audio with your students.  One way or another, we're all in the auditory skills business so we should use auditory material as a primary teaching …

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