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Most used iPad apps

by David Birrow Birrow.David@MacPhail.org

Conversation in the past few Idea Exchanges has wandered to how music teachers are using the iPad in their teaching.  I thought it would be useful to share what iPad apps I use on a daily basis. Hopefully people will also contribute what they use (and how they use it) in the comments section below.

Every time I tell myself "there can't possibly be another application I haven't heard about," somebody inevitably shows me something useful that I missed. Below are the apps that I find myself using the most. All apps are free. Post the apps you find best for music teaching in the comments section below.

  App Teaching Situation Use
Camera Individual Instruction Both video and stills during  lessons
Evernote Community Partnerships/Individual Instruction Partnerships: I use this to walk around with my lesson plans. Individual lessons, I use it like an electronic piece of paper.(more on that later)


Pro Metronome


Community Partnerships/Individual Instruction You can easily change the accent pattern with this app
MetroTimer Community Partnerships/Individual Instruction Has a timer built in, so you can time technique exercises



Community Partnerships/Individual Instruction Stopwatch and timer feature. For timing group activities or timing technique exercises in lessons
n-Track Tuner Community Partnerships Tuning guitars, shows spectrum and exact frequency
Timbre   Type in a zip code and it displays all live music for that area
GoodNotes Individual Instruction Handwriting app with staff paper, zooms in which is helpful and has a wrist guard
30/30 Community Partnerships/Individual Instruction Timer app. Allows you to make a timed task list. Good for modeling practice behavior in lessons and keeping group work on task




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I've been using EarWorthy with some of my TAP (er, the program formerly known as TAP whose acronym escapes me regularly) students. It has several functions for ear training--identifying tones, intervals, scales and chords. You can of course customize the interval and instrument. It doesn't have the graphics and "fun" element of NoteWoks, my second favorite app of the hour, but EarWorthy seems to work.

Thanks, David - I just emailed it to you.

Teresa, what I do is I cut and paste the previous assignment sheet and change the dates, etc. from my desktop at work or my laptop at home before my partnership class, then I modify during the lesson. If some formatting thing really bugs me, I clean it up from my desktop when I get back to work.

Nevermind: I think I figured out a way... though, if anyone has a BETTER way please let me know. Penultimate app is handwriting app. You can handwrite on the ipad whatever note you want, open it in evernote, and then put it in whatever folder you want once it is opened in evernote. You can also add to the note in evernote. I can be more specific about this if necessary... if anyone wants more specifics please let me know!

For those of you that use Evernote in lessons, does anyone use it completely with an ipad? I find that I need to bring my laptop along because it takes too long to type notes on the ipad. Anyone have a solution for this?

I tried to find Timbre in the iStore and it didn't come up. Does it have a different name? I'm pretty sure that I spelled it right :)