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How Evernote is Helping Me Wrap Up the Semester

by David Birrow Birrow.David@MacPhail.org

Invariably May is the most hectic month of the school year. No matter how cleverly I plan, it always turns into a maelstrom of concerts, meetings, gigs, and other responsibilities.  This year Evernote has helped wrap up my semester by giving me new accounting and communication tools. Here is how Evernote has saved me time and hassle this May:


1. Keeping Track of Lessons:

My private percussion students have their weekly notes labeled with a Semester and a lesson number. I can instantly tell how many lessons they have and how many remain. No more spreadsheet or loose paper calendar for me.



2.  Streamlining Emails to Students

In mid-May, I like to email my students to remind them when the semester ends and tell them what the next semester looks like. With Evernote, you can quickly send an email (and it is sent from your actual email address) by clicking on this button in the students notebook. Saves time since I don't have to look up parent email addresses.

In the past I've used a single, blanket email with a ton of addresses in the BCC, but using Evernote and cutting and pasting the same message allows for more personalization. Also I don't have to look up everybody's emails and more importantly I don't have to make sure Microsoft Outlook formats the address properly.

This window on the left pops up and allows you to add a message and select the recipients.







3.  Communicating Next Semester's Schedule

Student's schedules are so busy, scheduling lessons can be a full time job for parents and teachers. I post my entire semester schedule (in this case summer) in every student's notebook and then send out an email using the technique described above. It takes two clicks to copy the note into each notebook. Then parents can refer to it as they are scheduling soccer camp, swimming lessons, and underwater basket weaving.


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