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Using Music Notation Software in the Studio

January 29, 2013

by Jeremy Hanson  Hanson.Jeremy@MacPhail.org

What is MuseScore?

  • Splash screen MuseScore 0.9.6MuseScore is a free cross platform WYSIWYG (“What You See Is What You Get”) music notation program.
  • Some highlights:
  • WYSIWYG, notes are entered on a “virtual note sheet”
  • Unlimited number of staves
  • Up to four voices pe…

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Most used iPad apps

January 24, 2013

by David Birrow Birrow.David@MacPhail.org

Conversation in the past few Idea Exchanges has wandered to how music teachers are using the iPad in their teaching.  I thought it would be useful to share what iPad apps I use on a daily basis. Hopefully people will also contribute what they use (and how …

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Be mindful of your playing position

January 22, 2013

by Melissa Wenszell  Wenszell.Melissa@MacPhail.org

Please be mindful of your head position while playing! 

As you can see from these drawings, the more forward the neck, the greater the strain which can lead to many problems down the road.  If you have added weight on your body from your ins…

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Enforceable Statements

January 18, 2013

by David Birrow Birrow.David@MacPhail.org

All four years of college, I woke up Friday mornings and attended Music Education Forum at the University of Miami Frost School of Music.  This was a required, zero credit course that all Music Ed majors took.  Despite the lack of credits, it was an importa…

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iMovie Tutorial

January 15, 2013

by Amanda Underwood Underwood.Amanda@MacPhail.org

Here is a video about using the iMovie app on iPhone or iPad.

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Slow Practicing

January 14, 2013

by Gail Olszewski  Olszewski.Gail@MacPhail.org

I've always preached the gospel of slow, thoughtful practice to my students, so it's really great when what you've been trying to do for these many years is backed up so eloquently by someone as knowledgeable as Wittner metronomeDr. Noa Kageyama, performance psycholog…

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YouTube Videos for Cellists

January 13, 2013
by Hanno Strydom Strydom.Hanno@MacPhail.org

In a previous post I wrote about the Online Cello Resource Center (CelloBello.com) established by NEC cello professor, Paul Katz, featuring excellent resources for cellists including high quality tutorial videos. Today I want to share a couple of ot…

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Being a Classroom Manager

January 10, 2013

by Sarah Hruska Olson Olson.Sarah@MacPhail.org

Some teachers are instinctive classroom managers.  From the very start, they know how to lead a group and manage Hitane Elementary School classroom 2student behavior.  Unfortunately, I was not one of these people.  It took me several years to develop effective classroom management skill…

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The Singular, Unique Challenge of Group Teaching

January 9, 2013

by Katie Condon Condon.Katie@MacPhail.org

Many years ago, on my first day teaching general music, I told a group of kindergarteners to raise their hands if they had something to say. Immediately, a hand shot up and a little girl said, “I have a brother”.  Hand after hand went up, each child wanting t…

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Progressions App: Transpose Chord Charts at the Push of a Button

January 8, 2013

by Kim Bahmer  Bahmer.Kim@MacPhail.org

The Progressions app for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad allows you to submit chord charts and transpose them in seconds. I have no trouble finding songs for my elementary music classes, but they’re generally not in the key I would like. The Progressions app will…

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Audacity: Dealing with Multiple Tracks

January 6, 2013

by David Birrow Birrow.David@MacPhail.org

Ok, my first New Years resolution will be that this will be the last Audacity post for awhile(unless you have a special request). I wanted to make sure all these videos were available for faculty. So here goes:

There are a couple quick and easy things you…

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Audacity: How to Clean Up a Recording

January 4, 2013

by David Birrow Birrow.David@MacPhail.org

When I use Audacity in a lesson or class, it's never a super tidy process.  I often end up accidentally recording myself talking or I forget to stop the recording and end up recording twenty minutes of silence.  If I have a recoding I want to keep, it alwa…

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Audacity: Picking up Recording where you left off

January 3, 2013

by David Birrow Birrow.David@MacPhail.org

Audacity can sometimes be overwhelming to handle during a class or lesson. The last thing you want is to be fussing with the computer when you are trying to teach music.  One way to keep things simple is to record everything in one track, as opposed to seve…

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